Susila College of Education




Name and address of the Institution

Susila College of Education

                                                                   Kuppusamy Nagar, Chennai Main Road,

                                                                   Veeracholapuram, Kallakurichi – 606 206.

                                                                   Villupuram –District , TamilNadu.

Email :         :  Telephone No.with Code :04151-224633

  II.Year of establishment               :              2008

Iii. Teacher Education Programmes(s) offered in the Institution

Programme                                   :              B.Ed.,
Number and Year of NCTE Recognition       :  63650 Dt.30.04.2015 (Current )
Sanctioned Intake       :  100

Iv. Details Affiliation

Programme                                   :              B.Ed.,
Name of the Affiliating Body       :  Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai.
Number and Year Affiliation       :  738 Dt.13.05.2014 (Current)

v. Status of Affiliation : Temporary valid up to Academic Year 2016-17

vi. Type of Management: Self-financing Institution

vii. In the case of Government aided or Self-financing Institution, mention if the institution is managed by Registered Trust – Susila Educational Trust, Kallakurichi

viii. States of the Institution : Independent Institution offering only Teacher Education Programme

ix. Institution ment for : Co-Educational

x. Accessibility : Whether accessible in all-weather and through pucca Road : YES
    Name of the Nearest Railway Station : Chinnasalem

History of the Institution:

Susila College of Educaition is started the year 2008 run by Susila Education Trust was started by the Chairperson is Mrs.V.Susila, M.A.,Retired HM and Chairman Mr.P.Kuppusamy, Retd.Asst.Project Officer. The Correspondent Dr.K.Selvakumaran,B.D.S.,and Vice Chairman Dr.S.Rajalakshmi, are Doctors in profession. The Correspondent Dr.K.Selvakumaran,B.D.S., Former Member Syndicate (Governor Nominee) Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore.

Vision Statement :

To enhance the best knowledge and skill for the betterment of rural students, to promote and mould them to sign in the field of vision in the state level.

Mission and Objectives :

To offer good, quality, offerdable education to the students from backward area where our college is situated.

Significant Achievements and Contributions in the field of Education, such as Awards / Recognition, Eminent etc.
Significant Achievements, if any :
University Rank, May 2012 (District First achiever D.Ramravivarma)

Awards and Recogonition Received:

1. District Level Sports 2013-2014 First place in 400 mts Relay (I.Justin Vinothkumar, S.Sivanandam, K.Kumar and R.Ramamoorthy )
2. District Level Sports 2014-2015 First place in 100 mts Running (G.Masilamani )
3. District Level Tamil Elocution District level Ist Place P.Anandhi

Campus and Infrastructure

Available Land area in square meters : 5673 Sq.Mts.
Whether the available Land is on Lease basis from the trustees for 30 years.
a. Built-up area in square meters In case of multi-storey building built-up area in square meters on each floor

S.NO Floor Built-up area in Square Meters
1 Ground Floor Bldg.1 : 537.62
Bldg.2: 291.00
2 First Floor Bldg.1 : 537.62
Bldg.2: 291.00
3 Second Floor 485.57
4 Third Floor 12.54
Total Area 2155.35 Sq.M.

d. Mention if Fire Safety equipment has been installed: Yes
    If Yes, mention if the same are installe as per Building Bye Laws: Yes

e.Mention the facilities available for differently abled persons: Ramp and Toilet

f.Mention, if Hostel facilities are available : No

g.(i) The information regarding the available infrastructure be provided in the following Table:

S.NO Infrastructure Whether available: Yes/No Size in Sq.ft.
a Class room
i.Classroom 1
ii.Classroom 2
iii.Classroom 3
iv. Classroom 4


b Multipurpose Hall Yes 2016
c Library-cum – Reading Room Yes 1148
d ICT Resource Centre Yes 445
e Curriculum Laboratory Yes 1210
f Art & Resource centre Yes 440
g Health & Physical Education Resource Centre Yes 560
h Multipurpose playfield Yes Around 1000

g.(ii) Whether following facilities are available in the Institution:

a Principal's Office Yes
b Staff Rooms Yes
c Administrative Office Yes
d Visitors Room Yes
e Separate Common Room for male & female students Yes
f Seminar Room Yes
g Canteen No
h Separate Toilet facility & female students Yes
i Separate Toilet facility for differently abled persons Yes
j Parking Space Yes
k Open space for Additional Accommodation Yes
l Safe Drinking Water Facility Yes
m Security and House keeping Yes
n Store Room Yes
o Own Transport Fecilities Yes

2.Teaching and Non-teaching Staff

No. of staff members in position at the time of commencement of the Current Session:
a. Principal/ HOD : 01
b. Academic Staff:
Assistant Professor/ Lecturer : 12
Total Academic Staff : 13
Total Administrative, Technical and Professional Staff : 07

d. No of Vacant Positions as on the date of last Revision of website

S.NO Academic Positions No. of Vacant Positions Other Staff No. of Vacant Positions
i Principal/HOD 00 Administrative staff 00
ii Professor 00 Technical staff 00
iii Associate Professor/Reader 00 Professional staff 00
iv Assistant Professor/Lecturer 03

e.Number of Academic and other Staff recruited during the Current Session
Academic : 00     Other 01

A.Academic Staff as on

S.NO Name Of the Staff Member Designation Academic Qualification Professional Qualification Date of Birth Date of Appointment Nature of Appointment Whether Approved by the Affiliating University Pay Scale or Consolidated Amount Total Emoluments Retired benefits CPF, Etc., Photograph
1 Dr.M.ASOKAN Principal M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., 10.02.1972 02.05.2016 Permanent Full Time Yes 25000 25000 NA
2 S.VIDHYA Tamil M.A., M.Ed., '05.07.1977 '25.07.2013 Permanent Full Time Yes 20000 20000 NA
3 ANNIE VINCENT Asst.Prof.In English M.A., M.Ed., '10.06.1975 '02.01.2014 Permanent Full Time Yes 18000 18000 NA
4 K.SURESH Mathematics M.Sc., M.Ed., '09.06.1987 '16.07.2012 Permanent Full Time Yes 19000 19000 NA
5 N.KUMARASAMY Physical Science M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., '20.07.1991 '01.08.2012 Permanent Full Time Yes 18000 18000 NA
6 K.ANBUNESAN Biological Science M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., '03.04.1981 '06.11.2013 Permanent Full Time Yes 18000 18000 NA
7 J.GAYATHRI History M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., '20.12.1981 '06.11.2013 Permanent Full Time Yes 18000 18000 NA
8 R.LEELA Computer Science M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., '11.04.1980 '06.11.2013 Permanent Full Time Yes 18000 18000 NA
9 M.SENTHILKUMAR Psychology M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., '09.04.1970 '04.04.2016 Permanent Full Time Yes 15000 15000 NA
10 G.G.JATHAPPA Sociology M.A., M.Ed., '12.06.1980 '04.04.2016 Permanent Full Time Yes 15000 15000 NA
11 M.RAJAMURTHY Physical Education M.P.Ed., M.Phil., '09.05.1979 '23.06.2008 Permanent Full Time Yes 16000 16000 NA
12 S.VIGNESH Fine Arts (Painting) M.F.A., '27.09.1991 '04.04.2016 Permanent Full Time Yes 15000 15000 NA
13 V.THAMOTHIRAN Fine Arts (Music) M.F.A., '09.05.1984 '04.04.2016 Permanent Full Time Yes 15000 15000 NA
14 S.SRINIVASAN Perspective Edn M.A., M.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., '17.04.1979 '12.08.2016 Permanent Full Time Yes 22000 22000 NA
15 S.ELAVALAGAN Economics M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., '28.05.1977 '12.08.2016 Permanent Full Time Yes 15000 15000 NA
16 C.BALAJI Perspective Edn M.Sc., M.Ed., '05.06.1985 '12.08.2016 Permanent Full Time Yes 15000 15000 NA

B.Administrative, Professional and Technical Staffs as on

S.NO Name Of the Staff Member Designation Academic Qualification Professional Qualification Date of Birth Date of Appointment Nature of Appointment Pay Scale or Consolidated Amount Total Emoluments Retired benefits CPF, Etc., Photograph
1 THIRUMALAI K Librarian M.L.I.S., M.Phil., '04.11.1975 '23.06.2008 Permanent Full Time 16000 16000 NA
2 ANTHONIYAMMAL P Lab Asst B.Sc., B.Ed., '20.12.1992 ''03.01.2015 Permanent Full Time 9000 9000 NA
3 ABIRAMI K Accountant HSC Man.Comp.System '02.11.1982 '01.09.2015 Permanent Full Time 7500 7500 NA
4 LAKSHMI D Lab Incharge B.Sc., B.Ed., '02.01.1994 '01.04.2015 Permanent Full Time 8500 8500 NA
5 SIVAKUMAR R R Computer Operator B.Sc., PGDCA '03.06.1972 '05.01.2015 Permanent Full Time 8500 8500 NA
6 MURUGA A Store Keeper S.S.L.C '22.12.1960 '23.06.20082 Permanent Full Time 12000 12000 NA
7 VIJAYAN M Tech Asst. D.E.C.E.,B.C.A., '05.07.1984 '02.05.2015 Permanent Full Time 7500 7500 NA
8 DHARMENDIRAN D Lab Attender S.S.L.C '20.08.1982 '01.04.2015 Permanent Full Time 7500 7500 NA
9 ARUMUGAM Security 8th Std '11.01.1975 '01.03.2015 Permanent Full Time 8500 8500 NA

3.Students on the Roll Of the Institution

This Section shall include the following information about the students on the Rolls of the institution:
a) Date of commencement of the current academic session: 01.10.2015
b) Last date fixed by the affiliating body for admission : 04.12.2015
c) Date of last admission made in the institution : 31.08.2015
d) Mode of selection of students; whether students are selected by the affiliating Body or by the institution
Selected by Institution
e) Whether entrance test is conducted by the Institution : Nil
f) No. of students enrolled in the current academic session : 60

g) Category-wise distribution of students

Programme No of Male Students No of Female Students No of Students enrolled in SC Category No of Students enrolled in ST Category No of Students enrolled in OBC Category No of Students enrolled in Unreserved Category Total Students in Programme
B.Ed., 08 52 23 00 37 00 60

h) No. of students in each pedagogy Subject

Programme Name Pedagogy Subjects Number of Students Enrolled
B.Ed., English
Physical Science
Biological Science
Computer Science

i) Details of enrolled students

Students Enrolled for the Current Session

Programme B.Ed.,                    Academic Session 2015-2016
S. No Name of the Student Name of Mother Name of Father Gender Category Qualifying Examination Percentage Pedagogy Subject-1
1 ALAMA B Shakila Babu F OBC B.A., 45% ENGLISH
2 ALAMELU A Mariyayi Arikrishnan F SC B.A., 56% ENGLISH
3 ANANDHI D Malarkodi Dharman F OBC B.Sc., 61% Maths
4 ANANDHI P Revathi Palani F OBC B.A., 53% ENGLISH
5 ANANTHI IMMACULATE A Lilly Pushpam Arockiyasamy F OBC B.Sc., 73% Phy.Science
6 ANJALAI DEVI J Uchammal Jaganathan F SC B.Sc., 53% Phy.Science
7 ANJU R Glory Mettilda Revi F OBC B.A., 45% ENGLISH
8 ANTONY GRACY S Sagaya Mari Selvaraj F OBC B.A., 52% ENGLISH
9 ARULPRAKASAM K Vasantha Kannan F OBC B.Sc., 55% Phy.Science
10 ARULPRIYA A Alamelu Arunachalam F OBC B.Sc., 75% Maths
11 DAISY FLORA SELVI G Josphine mary Gnana Prakasam F OBC B.Sc., 76% Maths
12 DELPHINA S Veronica Sagayaraj F OBC B.Sc., 71% Comp.Science
13 DEVI GOWTHAMI R Banumathi Ratha F SC B.A., 53% ENGLISH
14 ELUMALAI.K Kundukanni Kannu M SC B.A., 40% ENGLISH
15 FRANCIS ANUSHIYA E Elizabeth Rani Eliyas F OBC BCA 52% Comp.Science
16 GEETHARANI .D Malar Durairaj F OBC B.A., 58% ENGLISH
17 GOWSALYA K Thanam Kathavarayan F SC B.Sc., 67% Phy.Science
18 HASINA BEGUM F Jarina Begum Firuthos Ali F OBC B.Sc., 80% Maths
19 JAGADEESWARI A Veerammal Anbalagan F OBC B.A., 51% History
20 JAI THEERTHA NAYAGI S Sivasakthi Shanmugam F OBC B.A., 58% English
21 JAMUNA M Ezhumalai Muthuvel F OBC B.A., 53% ENGLISH
22 JANSI RANI A Krishnaveni Arumugam F SC B.Sc., 72% Comp.Science
23 JEBAMALAI RANI S Felix mary Saminathan F OBC B.Sc., 76% Comp.Science
24 KALAISELVI O Jothi Oliprakash F OBC B.A., 47% ENGLISH
25 KANIMOZHI S Banumathi Srinivasan F OBC B.A., 59% ENGLISH
26 LAKSHMI M Susila Muniyan F OBC B.A., 57% ENGLISH
27 LAVANYA V Navaneetham Velmayil F OBC B.Sc., 64% Maths
28 MAGIMAI EMILIYA RUBY M Antoniyammal Mariya susai F OBC B.Sc., 92% Maths
29 MAHESWARI P Rani Pachaiyappan F OBC B.Sc., 75% Botany
30 MAHESWARI.S Chitra Sakthivel F OBC B.A., 57% ENGLISH
31 MANJULA K Chandur Kolanjivel F SC B.Sc., 64% Phy.Science
32 MARIYAMMAL A Asaram Ammasi F SC B.A., 54% ENGLISH
33 MOORTHY M Palaniyammal Mani M SC B.Sc., 60% Maths
34 PARAMESWARI M Thulasi Moorthy F OBC B.A., 61% ENGLISH
35 PARTHIBAN S Ambika Sundaram M SC B.Sc., 59% Phy.Science
36 PAVTIRA M Latha Moorthy F OBC B.A. 54% ENGLISH
37 POONGUZHALI B Manimegalai Balaiya F SC B.Sc., 55% ENGLISH
38 PUSHPA.K Anjalai Kolanji F OBC B.A., 54% ENGLISH
39 RAJESHWARI K Anjalai Kolanji F SC B.A., 50% ENGLISH
40 SALMAA PARVIN G Jerina Gaffar Raize F OBC B.A., 52% ENGLISH
41 SANDHIYA J Santhi Jothi F SC B.Sc. 59% Phy.Science
42 SANGEETHA I Arockiyamary Irudhayasamy F OBC B.A., 45% ENGLISH
43 SARANYA G Senbagam Gopalakrishnan F OBC B.A., 52% ENGLISH
44 SARANYA K Meena Kaliyan F SC B.A., 56% ENGLISH
45 SARAVANAN S Anjalai Subramaniyam M SC B.Sc., 71% Maths
46 SASI V Shakila Velmurugan F OBC B.A., 59% ENGLISH
47 SASIKALA N Panjalai Narayanan F OBC B.Sc., 54% Phy.Science
48 SHAKILA BANU S Sharmila Sowkathali F OBC B.A., 52% ENGLISH
49 SIVASANKARI V Alamelu Velu F SC B.A., 58% ENGLISH
50 SONIYA S Kanniyammal Suthan F SC B.A., 56% ENGLISH
51 SOUNDARYA S Santhi Sadayan F SC B.Sc., 63% Phy.Science
52 SUGANTHI S Uma Selvam F OBC B.A., 55% ENGLISH
53 SUMATHI E Mangai Elavarasu F SC B.Sc., 67% Phy.Science
54 SUMITHA A Alamelu Ayyakkannu F SC B.A., 56% ENGLISH
55 SUNDARRAJ K Sumathi Kumar M SC B.A., 60% ENGLISH
56 THAMIZH P Palaniyammal Palani F SC B.Sc., 71% Phy.Science
57 THIRUMURUGAN P Amirthavalli Palanivel M SC B.Sc., 47% Maths
58 VASANTHI J Sundarammal Jayaraj F OBC B.A., 45% ENGLISH
59 VIGNESH S Kalaiselvi Subramaniyan M SC B.A., 53% ENGLISH
60 VIOTHINI T Savithri Theiveegan F OBC B.A., 57% ENGLISH

4.Financial Status

a. Endowment Fund maintained by the TEI
Amount: Rs.581418 Bank: Indian Bank, Kallakurichi FDR number:753274963
B.Reserve fund maintained by the TEI
Amount : Rs.515664 Bank: Indian Bank, Kallakurichi FDR number:789887797 Amount : Rs.200000 Bank: Indian Bank, Kallakurichi FDR number:6349737749
C.Annual fees Charged from students of Different Programmes and Annual fees fixed by The state Govt. for different Programmes

S.No Programme Total Annual Fee charged by the Institution (Current Session) Fee fixed by the Central/State/Union Territory Government (Current Session)
1 B.Ed., 43500.00 Per Student 43500.00 Per Student

d.Mention if Fee concession or scholarships are given to students : Yes
Govt.Scholarship for SC/ST Candidates

5.Instructional Resources

a) Sitting capacity in the Reading Room:100
b) Number of Books:5850
c) Number of Titles:1600
d) Number of Reference books like encyclopaedias, dictionaries, Documents, Reports etc. :12
e) Names 0f journals subscribed : 08
i. Indian Education ii) Vetri Educaiton iii) Indian Educational Abstract iv) Indian Educational Review v) Teachers Support vi) New frontiers in Education vii) Journal of Education research and extension.
f) Number of books added during the previous academic session:400
g) Number of books added during the current academic session:500
B.ICT Resource Centre
Number of Computer systems:10
Availability of Internet facility: Yes
Accessibility of Internet facility to students: Yes
Number of CD ROMs:50
Number of Resources added during the Current Session:50

C .Arts & Craft Resource Centre
Items Available: Violin, miruthangam, Tamarind, Tabala, Kapas, Flute, Harmonium, Drums

D.Curriculam Laboratory

S.No Resources for Curriculam Laboratory Write "A" for Available and "NA" for not Available
i. Resources for English Language NA
ii. Resources for Science Education A
iii. Resources for Social Science Education A
iv. Resources for Regional Language Education A
v. Resources for Core Mathematics A
vi. Overhead Projector/ Notice Boards/ Black Boards A

E.Physical Education Resource Centre
Items Available : Carrom, Throw Ball, Valley ball, Valley Ball Net, Shuttle cock, Lazim, Shotput, Thumbles, Jawlin, Chess Board, Skipping Rope, Tennicoit Ring

6.Academic Management

Daily Working hours : 06
Number of Working days in a Week : 06
Total No.of Working days in the Previous Academic Session :
Average Daily Attendance during Current Session : 96% to 99%
Programme wise result of students for last 3 years

Pass % age in the final examination during the last three academic sessions

S.No Programme Session 2013-14 Session 2014-15 Session 2015-16
i. B.Ed., 99% 92% Waiting for Result

Number of Ex-students of the Institution who qualified in the Central or State Eligibility Test during the Previous two years:

Year Number of Students Appeared Number of Students Qualified
Exam Not Conducted for the past two years

Name & Number of Schools available for internship during the current session

a) Govt High Schools and Hr.Sec.schools: 15
Total number of internship days in the previous academic session : 28 days
Total number of Mentor teachers associated with the Internship : 60
Did the institution conduct orientation programme for the students before the commencement of Internship: Yes
Did the Institution conduct the Planning cum consultation meeting with the Heads of Internship Schools?: Yes

Details of Internship

1. Govt.Girls Hr.Sec.School, Tirukoilur : 06
2. Govt.High School, Keezhathazhanur : 04
3. Govt.High School, Vengur : 01
4. Govt.Hr.Sec.School, G.Ariyur : 06
5. Govt.Girls Hr.Sec.School, Elavanasurkottai : 06
6. Govt.Boys Hr.Sec.School, Elavanasurkottai; 07
7. Govt.Boys Hr.Sec.School , Rishivandiyam : 03
8. Govt.High School, Thiyagai : 01
9. Govt.High School, Pallagacherry : 03
10. Govt.High School, Kattu Edayar : 01
11. Govt.High School, Kattupaiyur : 04
12. Govt.Hr.Sec. School, Sithalingamadam : 01
13. Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Nagalur : 01
14. Govt.Boys Hr.Sec.School, Thiyagadurgam : 08
15. Govt.Girls Hr.Sec.School, Thiyagadurgam : 08

7.Governance Structures:

a) Has the institution Constituted the Management Committee Yes
If yes, display the composition along with names of the members mentioning their names, Qualification, Profession/ Occupation etc.
Details of the members of the Management Committee

S.No Name Educational Qualification Professional Occupation Designation
2P.KUPPUSAMYSSLCRetd.Assistant Project OfficerChairman
4Dr.S.RAJALAKSHMIB.D.S.,DoctorVice Chairman

No. of meeting of the Management Committee held during the Previous academic session : 12
b)Has institution established a Grievance Redressal Mechanism? Yes

Committee Members :

1. Correspondent Dr.K.Selvakumaran
2. Principal-Dr.M.Asokan
3.Asst.Professor - S.Vidhya
4.Asst.Professor K.Suresh
5. Asst.Professor - M.Senthilkumar
c)Has the institution established anti-ragging mechanism? - There is no Juniors
d)Has the Institution constituted the Quality Assurance Cell? Yes

8.Revision/ Modification of Website

i. Academic session in respect of which above information in Part II is provided.
ii. Date of last Revision of website :24.06.2016
iii. Periodicity of website Revision : Half Yearly
Certificate Certified that the data provided in the website is authentic to the best of my knowledge, Further, I am dully authorized by the management of the Institution to provide the Information
Name : Dr.K.Selvakumaran
Designation : Correspondent
E-mail id :
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